A for profit, Genshin Impact unofficial cookbook zine
featuring the cuisines of Mondstadt and Liyue!



Q: What is a zine?
A zine refers to a collection of unofficial, fanmade works. It usually includes fanfiction and artworks.

Q: What is the theme of this zine?
This zine will be focused on featuring the delightful cuisines of Teyvat! We will be featuring recipes, artworks, and fics.

Q: Is the zine for profit or charity?
The zine is for-profit, though all proceeds go first towards production and shipping. Any leftover profits will be split among the team.

Q: Will this be physical, digital, or both?
A: We will be producing physical copies of the zine with accompanying merch. Digital-only bundles will also be available.

Q: What is the rating of the zine?
Taste of Teyvat is a SFW, PG-13 zine

Q: Will there be ships featured?
This will be a general zine. We will not feature ships unless they are canon.

Q: How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will be guaranteed a digital PDF copy of the zine, at the very least. Ideally, we’d like to compensate all contributors with a full bundle, but this would only be possible if we made enough profits. Leftover profits, if any, will be distributed to contributors via PayPal.

Q: What nations of Teyvat will you be featuring?
Based on the results of our interest check, we will feature food from Mondstadt and Liyue, the two currently available countries in the game. This means Western and Asian cuisine, specifically German/West European and Chinese cuisine. Hence, the zine will be split into two parts: Mondstadt and Liyue.

Q: What kind of recipes will you feature?
We will feature in-game recipes, including character's specialties. Which characters in particular will be based on their popularity according to our interest check results.

Due to the overwhelming 81.8%"yes" on our interest check, we will also feature some original recipes inspired by the game. The majority of the recipes, however, will still be in-game recipes.

Q: What characters will the zine contain?
We'd like to feature as many characters as we can, from both Mondstadt and Liyue!

Q: What are the zine's specs?
+ Perfect-bound
+ Size: 8.5” x 8.5” (square)
+ For-profit
+ 5 chefs, 27 page artists, 6 merch artists, 4 writers

Q: How many contributors will you be looking for?
We are looking for 5 chefs, 23 page artists, 5 merch artists, and 4 writers.

Q: What are the expectations for contributors?
Find more information about applying here

Chefs are expected to come up with four (4) recipes in total, according to the nation(s) they're assigned to. At least 1 recipe should be an original dish, and at least 2 recipes should be character’s specialties (i.e. Razor’s Puppy-Paw Hash Brown, Xingqiu’s Countryside Delicacy).

Artists are expected to create one (1) full illustration to accompany an assigned recipe/fic. They may also be assigned up to two (2) spot illustrations.

Merch Artists are expected to create several types of merch assigned to them.

Writers are expected to create one (1) fic according to the nation/characters they’re assigned to.

Q: Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes! However, you will only be accepted for one position.

Q: Can minors apply?
Yes! The zine is open to applicants from age 15 and up. However, to accept monetary compensations, you have to be over 18 or have a guardian with a Paypal account. Otherwise, you may choose to forfeit your share of the profit and only receive a free bundle (if sales allow).

Q: Who are the mods for this zine?
You can view information about us here


The schedule below is tentative and subject to change.

Nov 10Interest Check Opens
Dec 3Interest Check Closes
Dec 10Interest Check Results
Dec 15Mod Applications Open
Jan 2Mod Applications Close
Jan 7Mod Apps Results
Jan 17Chef Applications Open
Feb 10Chef Applications Close
Feb 15Chef Applications Results
Feb 22Chef Concept Check-In
Feb 25Contributor Applications Open
March 10Chef Check-in #1
March 25Chef Check-in #2
March 25Contributor Applications Close
April 1Contributor Applications Results
April 8Chef Check-in #3
April 15Contributor Concept Check-in
April 28Chef Final Submissions
May 4Contributor Check-in #1
May 18Contributor Check-in #2
June 1Contributor Check-in #3
June 20Contributor Final Submissions
July 15 - Sep 12Preorders
Late Sep - OctProduction


Mod Van

Graphics & Social Media

Mod Experience
+ HQWEEN Zine - Graphics, Layout, General
+ Demon and Love Vol. II Zine - Graphics, Layout
+ ATLA Cookbook - Graphics & Social Media intern
+ Osaaka Zine - Graphics & Formatting Mod
+ Xingyun Zine - Graphics Mod

Real Life/Misc. Experience
+ Joined 4 zines as a contributor in graphic design, writer, and chef respectively
+ Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Clip Studio Paint
+ Communication Design major
+ Internship at a branding company

Mod Lucy

Layout & Organization

Mod Experience
+ BNHA Katsukitchen - Graphics, Layout, Communications
+ BNHA Versed in Quirky Poetry - Graphics
+ BNHA All You Can Eat - Graphics & Layout
+ BNHA Girl Power! - Graphics & Layout
+ BNHA Kiribaku Holiday - Graphics & Layout
+ BNHA Liberation - Graphics, Layout, Social Media
+ MYSME 707hearts606 - Graphics
+ MYSME Undercover - Sidezine Layout
+ Toasty, a bread zine - Graphics, Formatting, Organization

Real Life/Misc. Experience
+ Digital Commissions and zine contributor experience
+ BFA in Graphic Design
+ Proficiency in HTML/CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Gsuite
+ Designed, printed, and assembled — single handedly — books during her BFA: Perfect Bound, Saddle Stitch, Hand Stitched, Coil Bound, Accordion, French fold

Mod Marina


Mod Experience
+ Jason Todd Zine - Organizer, graphics, and production
+ How to Train Your Hero (BNHA) - Finance & shipping
+ Quirk no Jitsu (BNHA x Naruto) - Finance & shipping

Real Life/Misc. Experience
+ Owns and runs an online merch store
+ Familiar with manufacturers and the production process

Mod Nash


Mod Experience
+ Timeless - BNHA Eras Zine - Organisation, Finance, Prod & Shipping
+ Kenma Gaming Zine - Prod & Shipping
+ Taberu: HQ Cookbook! - Finance, Prod & Shipping

Mod Liv

Beta Reader

Mod Experience
+ Miya² Zine - Organisation, Writing, Finance
+ Taberu - Organisation, Social
+ Oikawa Zine - Organisation
+Joined over 10 zines as a mod, joined over 25 zines as a writer